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CISEL is a family company since 1976, this year we are celebrating our 4’th anniversary.
Company milestones:
In 1956 Fioretti brothers start a spring company (Mollificio Fioretti) with production in Castelfidardo.
In 1969 Fioretti brothers entry into galvanic processing business, which was the first contact with electronic industry and which has led to increasing interest of PCB industry.
In 1976 one of the Fioretti brothers, Mr. Fausto Fioretti, decided to create a new family business in a PCB industry.
Today, the spring company is manly followed by its CEO Mr. Franco Fioretti, while Mr. Fausto Fioretti has focused in the PCB business becoming CEO of CISEL.
CISEL is able to produce all kind of PCB technologies: Consumer, Professional, Flexible, STAR-FLEX, IMS circuits.
CISEL was the first company in Europe to face production of flexible circuits by transforming existing machines and adapting them to flex PCB production in 80’s century.
Nowadays our production is mainly focused on special PCB’s, while we also invest into new custom machines for reel-to-reel production of the Lighting Industry.
In the next 5 years we hope to see CISEL among leaving reel-to-reel supplier of LED-Strips in Europe and rest of the world.

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Circtui Board – ATT00029
Circuit Board – AT00019
Circuit Board – ATT00021
Circuit Board – ATT00022
Circuit Board – ATT00025
Circuit Board – ATT00027
Circuit Board – ATT00028
Circuit Board – ATT00031
Circuit Board – ATT00032


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