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Saving energy for over 40 years

CP Electronics: a world leader in helping organisations achieve their energy consumption objectives.

 CP Electronics are leaders in energy saving controls for commercial, public sector and domestic environments.

Founded over 40 years ago with a vision to design and make reliable energy saving controls, the company has gone from strength to strength.

Now, they have an exceptional reputation for reliability in a specialised field, working with companies to reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint through cost effective lighting, heating and ventilation control systems.

Of course their products bring with them an unrivalled commitment to quality and innovation with a dedicated team who are constantly refining and innovating products.

Over the years they have been a part of several projects such as Unity Hall in Wakefield. The building held great social, cultural and political life since the 1900s and CP Electronics worked on the community project to reduce energy costs. They installed CP Electronics presence/absence detectors. It used three of their lighting control products that allows users to customise settings and can be programmed to respond to levels of ambient life. This reduces energy wastage from lighting and other applications which are powered up but unused.

In 2016 they became part of the Energy Controls business unit of Legrand UK and Ireland. Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. They have facilities in almost 90 countries and sell products in nearly 180 countries around the world.

Their drive for innovation, cutting edge technology and ongoing expertise in the energy controls sector made them a perfect fit for Legrand.


EBDHS-KNX Long range, high level, detectors
EBDHS-KNX Long range, flush mounted, high level, PIR presence detectors, KNX EBDHS-KNX is a high bay ...
For the first time, CP Electronics has released an easy to fit green-i infrared programmable presence ...
A surface mounted presence detector with easy push button set up, that provides auto on/auto off ...
GITLC Time Delay Switch
A stylish no neutral time delay switch. Can be used as a switch for lighting, ...
MWS6SM Compact, microwave presence/absence detectors
MWS6SM Compact, surface mounted, ceiling, microwave presence/absence detectors The MWS6SM is a surface mounted mid-range microwave ...
Rapid Scene Plate
The Scene select plate provides advanced scene setting functions for the RAPID lighting control system. When ...
UNLCDHS  LCD handset The UNLCDHS is a compact infrared handset used for the operation, configuration and ...
VITM 2–way starter module
Building on the success of the four way starter box, the new two-way starter box offers ...

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