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Cube Lighting

CUBE Lighting Ltd is a UK-based company with “market current” specialisations:

  • design and development of aesthetic, efficient lighting systems
  • research into and deployment of new technologies and materials
  • focus on generating client-specific solutions

Our services

  • Product design
  • Product customisation
  • Special solution design
  • Lighting design tasks
  • Photometric calculations
  • Product certification

Product specialisations:

  • Track and surface mounted Spots & floods, Interior and IP rated
  • In-ground up lights, Interior “Cool” range and IP rated exterior
  • Exterior solid bronze, corrosion proof spots, floods and in-ground up lights.
  • Down lights – LED, Low-voltage, compact fluorescent and metal halide.
  • 12 years experience in development of LED products, utilizing the first 5mm Nichia WHITE LED’s within our worldwide patented Exodus emergency luminaire’s.
  • Cube’s in house product design team are continually solving clients problems by creation and production of bespoke solutions.
  • Polymer, our partnership with Reynolds Polymer Inc. grant us priority access to the worlds premier “Acrylic” manufacturer, Reynolds acrylic casting and fabrication skills have made them the Company of choice for large scale aquarium / signage / pharmaceutical / avionics / automotive and display projects, see


Specialist Products

Beamer Housing 2/PI
Beamer 111 recessed plaster in "trimless" ceiling housing for 2 x Beamer lamp assemblies. The ...
Flip 3/25
Flip 3/25 is a adjustable down light for MR8 lamps, it features a magnetically retained ...
Showerlight LED/26/R2.4
The Shower light LED 26 is a fixed down light for wet rooms, bathrooms and ...


Fluxline Standard
Fluxline is a modular system of miniature extrusions designed to create a high output linear ...
The Lateral range is an extensive family of single and multi-head ceiling recessed down lights. ...
Quartet 125/W12
The Quartet is a range of multi-LED exterior IP65 directional spotlights, fitted with glare-shields and ...


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