Deralam Laminates Ltd have been distributing laminate products in to the trade since 1983 and in that time have added products such as work surfaces and materials for panel products. We are the sole UK distributor for Homapal’s ranges of metals, holz, magnetic and arti-pelam sheet laminate.

Deralam have supplied this material for many notable high profile commercial and retail installations throughout the world. Including; Adidas, M&S, Harvey Nichols, Ferrari showrooms, Christian Dior and many more.

After more than 30 years of supplying work surfaces, panel products and decorative products in to the trade, Deralam Laminates Ltd now stocks and supplies vast quantities of products for over 20 manufacturers.

You can now view our stand in 3D format and begin a virtual tour to learn more about our products.


Arti-Pelam is a laminate with an artificial leather surface For more information, click here
Bespoke Display Table
Bespoke, vinyl wrapped, white textured advertising display table with pull out drawers for Ford showrooms ...
Deralam Metals
Deralam Metals is the widest range of Metal-Faced HPL available in Europe and many new patterns ...
Homapal Holz
Homapal Holz is a real wood veneer high-pressure laminate For more information, click here
Homapal in Adidas
Homapal 444 laminate used on a display unit in Adidas stores worldwide for the 2014 World ...
Homapal in Ferrari
Homapal 444 used as a product display unit in Ferrari showroom in Chelsea - 2014.
Homapal in Harvey Nichols
Homapal 441, 856 & 470/631 used as point of sale advertisement in the front window of ...
Homapal in Marks & Spencer
Homapal 447 used on a display stand in Marks & Spencer menswear section nationwide - 2014 and Homapal 447 ...

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