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With over 15 successful years manufacturing specialist lighting, the name Display Lighting has grown to be synonymous with the lighting of retail displays, museum showcases, jewellery cabinets, counters & exhibitions.

The aim of Display Lighting, founded in 1999 by lighting designer Paul Breedon, was to offer purpose-built lighting solutions to the display industry. Today, over 16 years on, Display Lighting has far exceeded its original aim and is now established as a key player within the UK lighting industry, offering innovative, attractive, reliable lighting solutions to an array of business sectors worldwide including; retail, leisure, exhibition, museum and point-of-purchase.

The design of bespoke lighting systems is a speciality of Display Lighting and the experienced design team work closely with retailers and their designers in the development of lighting systems to complement and showcase merchandise, branding and displays. Many have reported increased sales as a direct result of specifying and installing Display Lighting systems.

Over the last 16 years Display Lighting’s design team have advised hundreds of thousands of clients on the illumination of displays of all shapes and sizes. Their expertise is offered completely free-of-charge and does not limit itself to products manufactured in-house, here in Cheshire. They will use their lighting knowledge to source the very best product for each application.

So if you have been asked to source and specify lighting for a display and are feeling a bit lost or just looking for something different, then talk to Display Lighting’s professionals. Whatever the lighting application, by using the latest light sources, high quality components and a combined lighting experience of almost 100 years, Display Lighting can help you achieve your desired lighting effect. Let us help you…see things in a new light.


ALINE LED Spotlights
The ALINE display spotlight from Display Lighting incorporates one, two or three high power LEDs ...
Battery Powered LED Desktop Spotlights
Our TSP spotlights incorporate independently adjustable MR11 4W LED spotlights for illuminating different areas of ...
Display Track
Display Lighting offers one of the largest selection of 12V track systems on the web ...
Display Lighting have a huge range LED Downlights including Decorative, Cabinet and Surface mounted - ...
DP2LED Double Gantry.
The original and still the best Gantry LED luminaire... designed for use in several different ...
DSPLED Gantry Surround.
Display Lighting have been manufacturing bespoke variations of DPSLED luminaires for several years and the ...
Spectrum LED – Tubelight LED
Spectrum LED Pro Stemilghts
The Spectrum LED Pro range of spotlights is one of Display Lighting Ltd's most popular ...

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