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With over 100 years’ experience, Johnson Tiles has a long history of market leadership as the largest tile manufacturer and importer in the UK. With a dedicated in-house design team and UK based production facilities, Johnson Tiles continues to deliver distinctive new products servicing both the contract and retail markets internationally, all of which is underpinned by our award winning quality and environmental systems. We pride ourselves on supplying first class technical information and support to our customers with a dedicated customer service team. As the first to invest in the latest state-of-the-art inkjet technology, we are committed to continuous development.

Within the contract market, our experience, service and product range covers all aspects of public and private specifications, from architects and designers through house builders, contractors and distributors. Our tiles have been used on both small and large contracts for housing projects, schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, industrial developments and the leisure industry. Within the retail market we design and manufacture products for both independent and multiple retailers. We offer the widest choice of ‘on trend’ products, backed up by industry leading logistics and service. 


Johnson Tiles manufactures tiles to strict levels of quality, all of which to comply with the requirements of the appropriate British Standard, and European Norms for ceramic wall and floor tiles.

Strict quality control is an essential aspect of tile manufacture, our systems and procedures have been recognised by the British Standards Institution through its our achievement of EN ISO 9001 Registered Firm Status.

Our award winning environmental management system has been recognised by the British Standards Institution and the award of ISO 14001 in 1998.


Today it’s expected that UK manufacturers have a working, continuous, green ‘policy’ in place. However, Johnson Tiles has been at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing for over 20 years – before sustainable development ever became the focus it is today.

All ceramic tiles manufactured by Johnson Tiles at our Stoke-on-Trent factory now contain up to 12% recycled ceramic material from our fired ceramic waste recycling scheme, with no impact on performance or quality – ensuring tiles can be specified for any eco-project or sustainable development.

johnson tiles standJohnson Tiles’ award-winning fired ceramic waste recycling scheme not only means we recycles our own ceramic waste, but also the waste of 14 other local manufacturers, saving around 20,000 cubic metres of landfill and 360 tonnes of CO2 in the past year.

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You can now view our stand in 3D format and begin a virtual tour to learn more about our products.



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