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Lucent Lighting, based in London and New York, was founded July 1990 to service the needs of lighting professionals worldwide. In 2007, Lucent launched ProSpex,a range of architectural specification grade downlights. Since the launch, the company has been catapulted to the forefront of lighting specifications from lighting designers, architects and interior designers around the world.

Lucent continues to strive to source, manufacture and supply lighting products which meet the aesthetic and technical specifications of our clients, whilst maintaining our position as the first choice partner for a number of prestigious projects, both at home and internationally.


Lucent ProSpex® Ambiance WarmDim
- Revolutionary dimmable LED module that warms the light as it dims, similar to conventional ...
Lucent ProSpex® Axis
A range of recessed adjustable circular gimbal downlights. - Available in both trim and trimless versions. - ...
Lucent ProSpex® Pinhole Edge
Pinhole downlights with Edge baffle to ensure glare free, professional look - Ceiling kit available with ...
Lucent ProSpex® Soft Colour
A range of soft appearance downlights - 6 anodised reflector finishes - 3 sizes 50mm/70mm/90mm - Trim or ...

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