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A leading light across the water

From rivers to oceans, Lumisphere Products are lighting up the world’s waters.

If you’ve ever wondered who was behind the impressive lighting systems of some of the most iconic bridges in the world then you’ll definitely be interested in Lumisphere Products Ltd.

With a portfolio of London’s Albert Bridge, Chelsea Bridge and Canada’s Montreal Bridge it’s hard not to be impressed. Lumisphere Products create bespoke decorative lighting for architects, designers, retail chains, ship builders and more. All of their lighting systems and products are low energy, durable and versatile. As well as easily adapted to suit all types of structures.

But where did it all begin? The company was founded by Robert Ernest Myson in 1989, formed specifically to provide the decorative lighting industry with a high quality, low maintenance, low voltage, festoon lighting system using state of the art design, materials and technologies to combat the residual problems of traditional mains operated festoon systems. Robert’s career spanned over fifty years but sadly he passed away in October 2015.

The Lumisphere team say they continue to be inspired by and committed to the ethos of Robert and his devotion to quality, describing him as a gentleman of outstanding character.

The company operate on strong values with a full commitment to ensure that they provide high quality results along with excellent advisory, sales and aftercare services.

This is apparent through their extensive portfolio of previous projects. From historic theatres to modern shopping centres, Lumisphere have been lighting up some of the UK’s favourite piers and promenades. Their lighting systems can also be found on the largest cruise liners, such as Oasis of the Seas, the Norwegian Epic and Carnival Magic.

The Lumisphere Products are also suitable for small, large, seasonal or permanent trees. You can see the products in their full glory around the London Eye and Southbank among other global sites.

The company believe their lighting lends itself to versatile designs to project whatever effect or mood you want to create.


Lumisphere Carnival Dimmable Festoon
Lumisphere TM Carnival LED Range The Lumisphere™ Carnival range of LEDs are a fully Dimmable AC/DC ...
Lumisphere TM Warm White LEDs
Lumisphere TM Warm White LEDs - White globes The Lumisphere™ range of LED festoon offer a ...
Lumisphere™ Large Harness LED Systems
Lumisphere™ Large Harness LED Systems The Lumisphere™ range of LED festoon offer a wide range of ...
Lumisphere UV Black/White IP68 UL Listed Lampholders
The Lumisphere™ system is pressure watertight confirming to IP68 and may be used in adverse ...
Lumisphere Bespoke Lamp Holders
Lumisphere™ Bespoke systems The Lumisphere™ team offer a lighting design service to achieve the lighting effects ...
Lumisphere Bespoke lanterns
Lumisphere™ Bespoke Systems The Lumisphere™ team offer a lighting design service to achieve the lighting effects ...
Lumisphere Small Harness Festoon
Lumisphere™ Small Harness The Lumisphere™ Multi-light, Multi-LED and ECO LED Systems are designed for where a smaller ...
Lumisphere Polycarbonate Globes
The Lumisphere™ Globes are manufactured from UV stabilised polycarbonate. Two types are available A type ...
Lumisphere LED PCB
Lumisphere™ Systems Manufactured in the UK, the Lumisphere™ team create bespoke decorative lighting for architects, designers, ...
Lumisphere LED Belisha Beacon Light Unit
Lumisphere™ LED Belisha Beacons Manufactured in the UK, The Lumisphere™ Electronic Conversion unit for Belisha Beacons ...
Lumisphere IP 55 Weatherproof Transformer
Lumisphere TM IP55 Transformers The Lumisphere™ range of patented weather-proof low voltage lighting transformers have been ...






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