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Based in the London Docklands, Lustrumlight is the brainchild of company director Jorg Kloppenburg. Jorg began working within the lighting industry in his native Germany 30 years ago, at which point, halogen lighting was the innovative lighting technology. He has spent the past three decades working all over Europe, from Germany to Spain, honing his skills which he has utilised in the creation of Lustrumlight.

Lustrumlight stock a vast range of innovative LED products and is the sole UK distributor for prestigious German lighting company Brumburg, which is known for it’s world quality lighting solutions. Some of Lustrum Light’s most notable products include a range of anti-glare LED lighting solutions which utilise unique technology that has a focus upon the usability of the lighting in terms of the way in which light is translated by the human eye, working to more evenly distribute the light ray in order to minimise overstimulation of the optic nerve. The company also provides a broad range of Retail lighting which can be used by smaller and larger businesses alike as a modern way of displaying their products. They are also a viable option for use in exhibition spaces making them a very usable and popular product in the current market. Lustrumlight pride themselves on providing high capability products with low price implications.

lustrum standThe ethos of the company is simple. To provide reasonably priced, quality lighting products that are beneficial to the environment by being as energy efficient as possible without compromising on overall design. The company is different in the sense that it aims not only to target the higher end of the market but aims to be accessible to all echelons of the private sector from smaller business owners to larger companies. The company put a strong focus on affordable, quality design- as stated by Jorg, ‘good design and bad design cost the same to make, but good design is important’, whether something is designed in Italy or closer to home in London, design quality should not be compromised for the sake of cost effectiveness.

You can now view our stand in 3D format and begin a virtual tour to learn more about our products.


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