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Neon Creations

Neon lights and signs are traditionally associated with shops, bars and restaurants, but are now becoming increasingly popular as a form of statement lighting for homes and businesses alike. They are a way of bringing originality and personality to virtually any interior space.

Neon Creations are specialists in creating unique one-off pieces of custom made neon artwork, offering recreations of logo’s, brand names, and even favourite sayings. A truly unique piece of neon lighting is to actually recreate a person’s own handwriting.

We are able to recreate most things in neon, be it text or outlines of shapes such as birds, hearts or simple shapes. As we communicate closely with our clients, we are able to advise early on in the process the feasibility of a particular idea, and offer advice to ensure that the finished neon lighting matches the original idea as closely as possible.

With a spectrum of colours to choose from, you can be assured that you will find the colour to suit your individual space, creating a funky modern appearance in your interior.

Our team is passionate about making neon lighting – it is not just a job to us. With all design and manufacture undertaken in-house in our UK workshop, we are able to offer assurances of high quality materials and workmanship.


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