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Philip Watts Design is a creative design and build team based in Nottingham, UK. Founded in 1993, PWD has successfully designed over 500 products, worked on over 100 interior projects, and completed 150 unique bespoke installations world wide.

Over the years we have established a range of products, manufactured on the same site as our design studio, ensuring we maintain the highest level of quality.

Here at Philip Watts Design we are pleased to announce our nomination for the restaurant and bar design award 2015.

Products & Projects

Aphrodite Handles
Code: Aphrodite Aphrodite the new art nouveau inspired D shaped pull handle. Shown here in bright polished ...
Arboretum, Nottingham
Bespoke outdoor public furniture for the arboretum in Nottingham.
Balustrade, Nottingham
Bespoke sculptural balustrade, private house, Nottinghamshire
Blimpy Lighting
Code: blimpy Rotationally moulded in medium density polyethylene, Blimpy is available in 3 solid colours, classic ...
Circular Stainless Steel Porthole
Stainless steel double glazed circular porthole kit, suitable for any width door or wall. For ...
Crushed 580 Handles
Code: Crushed strip 580 Crushed strip handle (580) is the larger of our new door pulls ...
Keyhole Shaped Stainless Steel Porthole
Stainless steel keyhole shaped double glazed large porthole kit based on the SS2 porthole. Suitable ...
Kidney Shaped Stainless Steel Porthole
Stainless steel double glazed kidney shaped porthole kit. Suitable for any width door or wall. ...
Loop Light
Code: loop (small) The small Loop light, is the sister product to Loop (large). Loop (small) measures ...
Pad Handle – Tile Push/Pull
Code: pad handle - tile PULL A fabulous pad <PULL> handle, designed with an angled side ...
Ribs Light
Code: Ribs Ribs is the beautiful new wall light by Philip Watts. Ribs measures 200 x 190mm, ...
Ring Handle
Code: Large Ring Large Ring handle new for 2014. The Large Ring, is, as the name suggests, ...
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