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Where can I use Pixalux?

Just imagine using a material which has similar strength properties to wood or glass yet is it an illuminated panel – Welcome to Pixalux. Pixalux can be made to bespoke sizes and is ideal for use in all types of retail store fixtures, furniture or even used as part of an internal wall within a building. Pixalux is ideal for creating all illuminated shelves.

Click here to take a look at the short video on how Pixalux got started and is set to revolutionise lighting, display, design and furniture.

So how exactly does Pixalux work?

Pixalux is an illuminated panel, 16mm thick. Acrylic sheets are bonded together in a unique way combined with the latest LEDs. The centre panel is the light conducting panel. Both sides (faces) can be opal light diffusing panels. The concealed LEDs are applied to the edge of panels in a unique way providing an even spread of light across the panel.

LEDs are embedded within the panel itself and not visible, providing true edge-to-edge lighting and clean finish. With LEDs housed in a discreet profile which clips onto the edge of the panel. This makes it very easy and economical to change the LEDs if required.

A choice of profiles are available, making the installation of Pixalux extremely quick and easy.

High quality optical grade acrylic is used, which has fantastic light distributing properties, with an even and bright spread of light, together with very tight tolerance regarding thickness measurements. The panel edges are expertly finished with a choice of colours, or alternatively the opal acrylic edges allow the light to pass through to provide a glowing edge. Pixalux is supplied with a standard white, warm white/cool white adjustable or RGB which provides a myriad of colours.

Pixalux is manufactured in the UK.

The only way to truly understand Pixalux is to see the product, and as everything is done in the UK, panels are manufactured to clients specifications. Pixalux UK will visit you on-site or in the office and work closely with you to insure that you get the perfect design for your project.

For more information please feel free to visit: http://www.pixalux.co.uk/

Also please visit our new blog on how to increase sales in store using Pixalux!



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