RIDI is one of the major manufacturers of high-quality luminaires with branches and representations across the whole of Europe. Following the integration of the Spectral and RIDIhomelight brands, its product spectrum now ranges from technical luminaires and functional continuous lighting systems through design-oriented light sculptures to lighting for the home.
RIDI is able to fulfil practically any lighting requirement.

With the aid of ultra-modern CAD systems, new products are designed and proven existing models are further developed at RIDI. Our highly automated production facilities guarantee a consistently excellent standard of product quality. ridi-3d-standRIDI offers everything from simple light solutions through to complex lighting control systems. Another specialist field for RIDI is the production of unusual customised and individual luminaire designs.

One of the lighting industry’s most up-to-date logistics centres ensures extremely fast product availability. Quality, service and direct customer contact are priorities at RIDI. To keep ahead of the rapid pace of technical progress, we ensure that our workforce is kept abreast of the latest findings by regular courses and seminars, and by offering tours of our production facilities for sales staff, lighting planners, dealers and wholesale partners.


You can now view our stand in 3D format and begin a virtual tour to learn more about our products.



RIDI – Arktik Recessed
Inspired by the stimulating and energy-enhancing light found in Arctic regions, ARKTIK emits a quality ...
RIDI – Linia LED
Saves time on installation. LINIA’s modular components simply slot in and clip together to bring you ...
Spectral – Blade
The suspended vertical blades provide particularly effective acoustic management, while allowing heat to circulate freely ...
Spectral – Iris
Circular construction draws the eye through, making Iris less obtrusive than more expected designs. So ...
Spectral – Jep
The optional scope for fitting with either LEDs or fluorescent lamps offers designers outstanding freedom ...
Spectral – Sinus
The five flowing profiles rise and fall side-by-side and combine three downlight and two uplight ...

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